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We pride ourselves in not just having one overall responsibility but in sharing the work of others. What follows is a general guideline to direct your creative abilities in efficiently fulfilling the necessary work.

Special Needs Camp would not be the success it is each year were it not for the selfless acts of the staff, prepared to fulfil not only the letter but the spirit of these guidelines. These are but the bare bones of responsibilities, but in order to do the job successfully, you will need initiative, motivation, stamina and a sense of humour. If you have any queries about the work you have been invited to do, please do not hesitate to contact the Camp Co-ordinator.

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Members evaluate the previous camp and co-ordinate plans for each new camp. This includes the promotion, advertising and organising training events.

Has overall responsibility for planning camp, including registration of campers and the recruitment and appointment of staff team. Financial tasks include preparing a budget for camp and requesting funding from BUC. Prior to camp, tasks cover transport arrangements, liaison with site manager, agreement of inventory after winter storage, liaison with cook regarding menus and the ordering and purchase of food and equipment. The assessment of new campers and the agreement of care plans with carers must also take place before camp.

During camp the Co-ordinator has overall responsibility for the welfare of the campers, the allocation of duties and the wellbeing of the staff team. The Co-ordinator ensures the handling and disbursement of funds, keeping of receipts and financial accounts.

After camp the Co-ordinator will agree the inventory with the site manager, agree storage of SNC equipment and the return of hired items. The financial accounts will be completed and passed to the Treasurer at BUC, thank you letters sent to staff team and marked lost property returned to owners.

Has responsibility for providing simple worships for whole group, staff worships and Sabbath programme. Also supports Camp Co-ordinator with team leadership and takes responsibility when the Co-ordinator is off site.
Must become acquainted with the medical records of campers and be responsible for dispensing medicines. Needs to maintain a good first aid cupboard and provide any necessary first aid. They may also need to instruct other staff and make them aware of any medical care which might be required by campers. Will also need to be aware of any medical needs of staff members and negotiate the safe storage of any self medicated drugs. The Lead Nurse will also liaise with the Camp Co-ordinator and Padre in supporting team leadership.
The Cook is required to plan healthy, vegetarian meals which will be attractive to both campers and staff, some of whom are not used to vegetarian food. The Cook will liaise with the Co-ordinator and Lead Nurse to ensure that special dietary needs are met. Menus and food orders will be submitted to the co-ordinator in good time so that orders can be placed and delivery made before camp. During camp, requests for further supplies to be passed to the co-ordinator or to local suppliers, and receipts retained for accounting purposes.

Catering staff will assist the cook in meal preparation, serving meals, setting and clearing tables and washing up. One person needs to take the lead for washing up, supervising workers, managing the dishwasher, assisting with lifting heavy pots, cleaning kitchen pans and ensuring safety in the washing up area.

To oversee the smooth running of the recreation programme; to remind those responsible for various programmes of their responsibilities, encouraging campers and staff to participate as appropriate. Flexibility is required for wet or dry conditions, on and off site, taking into account the varied abilities of the campers. Apart from the daily programme, the Recreation Leader needs to arrange Sports Day and liaise with the Art & Craft Team Leader and the Music Co-ordinators to arrange the Banquet and Camp Concert.
To provide interesting and imaginative craft activities for the campers to perform in both wet and dry conditions, regardless of ability. To co-ordinate the concert with the Recreation Team Leader and arrange for the decoration of the hall for the banquet.
To liaise with the Padre, encouraging both campers and staff in the provision of musical items for worships and the concert.
To ensure the orderly throughput in the laundry room assisting Carers to care for Camper's clothes, and ensure clean bedding, as required. The Laundry Co-ordinator will need to remind Carers to collect clean laundry and ensure it is returned to owners and sent home with campers at the end of the holiday.
During the coach trip to and from camp the coach leaders will be responsible for ensuring the safety, happiness and comfort of the campers. They will take last minute instructions from carers, collect some unpaid fees and possibly medicines. They may also need to reassure carers.
Together with the coach leaders, they are responsible for the safety and comfort of the campers, assist the driver with loading luggage, or offloading and matching up on the return journey. They will need to ensure that camper's food and drinks for the day, and any lunch time medication, are inside the coach, not packed into the luggage holds. During the journey staff may also need to serve extra drinks, assist with unpacking lunches and collecting rubbish. They may also need to escort at toilet stops. On the homeward journey, staff may need to match campers with bags, sleeping bags etc.
This person will be a listed driver for the hired minibus, will plan and arrange four short trips during the week and drive at other times as and when required.
This person will assist the Co-ordinator by booking campers and staff on the daily trips, ensuring fairness and equal opportunities. They will ensure that campers and staff make their packed lunch choices and pass the completed forms to the kitchen staff. They will also distribute claim forms to staff, passing them back to the co-ordinator to arrange payment.
Carers must look after the physical requirements of the campers in their charge and at all times be responsible for them. This involves encouraging campers to be on time for meals and all daily activities; assist with toileting needs if required and ensure that they are clean and comfortable; to help them prepare for bed and encourage them to sleep. Carers will need to talk to campers, getting to know them, their abilities and interests as well as their needs. Carers will ensure that postcards are sent to families and gifts bought as requested. Carers will encourage the choices of campers as long as they fit in with the camp programme, do not discriminate against other campers, encourage a breakdown in the cohesion of the joint activities such as worship, or are contrary to the aims of Special Needs Camp or the Seventh-day Adventist Church.

If you would like to become a Carer, please download and complete the Application Form and References Form linked below:

If you would like to come as a camper or know someone who would, please use the contact page to let us know and we will get back to you as soon as possible.